How To Treat Your Customers Right

Six Apart, creators of Movable Type and TypePad and owners of LiveJournal, have just posted some lessons learned regarding TypePad’s performance and how they have interacted with their customers throughout the entire ordeal. It is an excellent read that any web based business should really pay strict attention to.

A couple of the points that struck me as extremely important were the following:

  1. Ignore the tone of nasty complaints, but pay attention to the underlying messages.
  2. Understand that the people giving feedback represent many who remain silent.
  3. Don’t be afraid to communicate.
  4. Trust your customers.

There is more substance to each of the aforementioned points if you read the actual article itself, which you should. Those just stood out, especially when coupled with how deviantART, Inc. reacts to the very people it relies on in order to remain in business.

If only deviantART, Inc. was capable of being so transparent then we all might have a much more enjoyable deviantART.


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