Skype for OSX Icon Issue

Is it just me or has anyone else experienced a “problem” when trying to modify the Skype application icon in OSX?

What happens is that if the icon is modified in a couple of different ways then refuses to load. The two ways that I have found to modify the icon, which results in the loss of the ability to run unless it is downloaded once again, are as follows:

1. Using the wonderful OSX application known as Candybar.

2. Opening up the contents of, via “Show Package Contents,” and replacing Skype.icns in the Resources directory.

Modifying the icon in both of the aforementioned methods will cause Skype to start to load, as is witnessed by the bouncing of the application on the dock, but then it merely disappears and fails to start. The only way to “fix” this “problem” is to download Skype and reinstall it.

One icon modification open that does seem to work is to paste a new icon in to the “Get Info” dialogue. This will change the application icon when Skype is not running, yet placed in the dock, as well as the icon depicted in the Finder. Once Skype is launched the standard icon ends up showing up on the Dock so if, like me, you have a nice set of icons then Skype stands out and looks rather odd.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what did you do to rectify it so that you were able to customize the Skype icon? This is really bugging a customization perfectionist like me!


One thought on “Skype for OSX Icon Issue


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