Lake Ashinoko

Lake AshinokoTook a day trip up to Lake Ashinoko, in the Hakone area, to get some fresh air and just relax. With all the crazy stress of every day life kicking in, especially lately, we needed a nice family outing and time to bond with nature.

After coming up empty on the ideas we finally hit the jackpot. Junko thought it would be fun to check out Lake Ashinoko, especially since it was a beautiful day outside. Once we finished hanging out with nature we would then get buck naked and soak in one of the local onsens.

Turned out to be a great idea! The view of the lake, coupled with the stunning Mt. Fuji in the background, was perfect. Breathing in some much needed fresh air seemed to have taken our mind off of recent events in our lives.

We ended up at a Prince Hotel in the area in order to get nakeed and soak in some hot water. While small it ended up being quite comforting. The faint sulfur smell from the rotembro, the outside bath, was a little annoying but easily forgotten if you just laid down in the hot water, closed your eyes and dreamt of far and distant lands.

When we were done soaking in the hot water everyone was hungry. We headed to an area filled with restaurants. Chose an Italian restaurant that turned out to be our worst Italian experience ever.

Junko and Anthony ordered some kind of “truffle and mushroom” sauce spaghetti that was horrible. Anthony said that the truffles tasted like the dirt that his pet beetles live in. I ordered “green onion and anchovy” spaghetti but apparently the cook forgot to put the anchovy’s in the sauce as it completely lacked any evidence of them whatsoever. Without finishing our dinner we left this joint and went to a Japanese restaurant next door, which turned out to be far more tasty.

All in all, we had ourselves a good time. Was nice to finally get outside for a change. The area was magnificent and the time the family spent together was loving.


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