Flock First Impressions

Flock has finally landed for those who signed up to the announcements mailing list. A very early beta for Windows, OSX and Linux has been made available for those on the list that are interested in giving Flock, and its new ideas, a try.

Flock, the idea, is very interesting, to say the least. It is a completely new approach to the web browser which, ultimately, might be what leads to it being a niche product rather than a widely accepted one.

I really like how del.icio.us is integrated in to Flock. The thought to use a social bookmarking service to handle ones bookmarks, otherwise known as “favorites” in Flock, is a smart one.  Sharing places we visit is a great idea but that is not the main reason I like the use of del.icio.us; installing Flock on multiple computers means that you are able to keep those bookmarks in sync on all computers you use.

The way Flickr is integrated in to the interface is quite different than I had envisioned. I imagined that when visiting websites the Flickr images would change based on the content or some unique algorithm the Flock folks designed.  The Flickr integration does not appear to operate that way; it simply loads images from preset pool or from a user that you specify.

I would much rather see something similar to what I envisioned with the Flickr integration. Perhaps in the same vein that Technorati worked Flickr in to its user interface.

Installation went flawless as did the importation of my del.icio.us bookmarks.  Bookmarking pages is done by “starring” them and if you have the “share my bookmarks” option turned on then they are posted to del.icio.us as well.  This seemed to work fine on my OSX installation however on my Windows installation it never seems to function.  Due to this being an early beta I can only imagine that there are some problems that exist.

The integrated blogging option is a wonderful addition.  It is quite flexible and seems fairly capable of auto-detecting the mechanism necessary for posting to ones blog.  All in all this was quite intuitive.

I am really excited about Flock and where it is headed. Sure, it needs polishing but that is why the software is in beta at the moment.  As I use Flock more I will post more thoughts.

This is a wonderful beginning and I really look forward to seeing Flock mature.


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