Flock Screenshots

Screenshots of Flock, a forthcoming browser based on Firefox that is supposedly going to merge social services like del.icio.us, blogging and browsing all in one application. The images are rather compelling so it should be interesting to see if the software lives up to both its premise and usability. I signed up for the “beta” but have yet to be invited in to it. The whole idea sounds quite intriguing.


4 thoughts on “Flock Screenshots

  1. The newest update has yet to be seeded but I can say that the 0.2 release (although a bit unstable) shows a lot of promise. Imagine seamless integration between Flickr, your personal weblog(s), and del.icio.us-like bookmarking. Add to that the ability to drag and drop text and images for quick weblog posts…

    The latest release is supposed to utilize del.icio.us as the backbone for bookmarks. I was a little disappointed that the “breadcrumbs” were being phased out. However, it does make my life a little easier since I have amassed quite a colleciton of marks on del.

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