Matteo Day

October 19 is Matteo Day on deviantART.  Matt Stephens and I are the two true founders of deviantART, having been the ones responsible for the sites birth. Had we not procreated then there would be no deviantART; there would be no collective rectum.

But I digress.

On October 19 submit Matteo themed deviations. This is basically the same as Yellow Day but for my partner in crime, Matt Stephens.  Whether you upload a picture of Matteo, an image containing his likeness, an image containing a Pug, his character of choice, or a mere “Matteo Grey” deviation, ensure that you support him as a Co-Founder of deviantART.

To top it off hit up Matteo’s user page and leave a nice comment letting him know that you support him as a Co-Founder of deviantART.  A status that continues to elude his user account due to corporate politics.

Matt’s contributions to deviantART can not be overlooked.  Spread the word and support Matt on October 19!

Let’s make Matteo Day just as successful as Yellow Day was.


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