Initial Thoughts

Got my invite for a blog the other day. I redeemed the “coupon” and opened up a little blog over there. Not entirely sure what I will use it for but only time will tell. Surely I will find some reason to keep it alive while still maintaining my regular blog.

So far I am pretty happy with what offers. It is evident that Matt is quite knowledgeable of the WordPress code. The administration panel is well thought out and appears to be based off the forthcoming WordPress 1.6 codebase. There are a lot of nice AJAX goodies that make the “write” page so much better among other small features.

The dashboard seems to have been revamped slightly so that it offers a number of quick links to important areas of the administration panel. Underneath the quick links are the list of the top blogs, fastest growing blogs and most recent blog posts on All quite useful!

My only disappointment with the offering is the lack of themes or customization options. There are currently only 8 total themes to choose from. They are WordPress Classic 1.5, WordPress Default 1.5, Pool, Ocadia, Green Marinée, Connections, Blix and Almost Spring. While the offered themes are nice there is no true customization that can be done to them. Hopefully this will be solved before the true launch of

So far I am pretty impressed, in the short amount of time that I have played with my blog there. I wish Matt and Doncha the best of luck with this endeavor as it will be a great offering for the community at-large, and a wicked competitor to Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal and other hosted blogs.


One thought on “Initial Thoughts

  1. Be sure and also share a lot of the credit behind with Donncha as much of WordPressMU is his baby. :D

    Customization is requested by a lot of people familiar with the full version of WordPress. They know what WordPress is capable of. I’m sure that some features may develop, allowing people to pick and choose some features, but the point of is blogging, not tweaking. It’s about the content. After a couple months using it, I have to say that I spend a lot more energy focused on the content, the most important part, and less on the tweaking, which is a nice change from my full WordPress site.

    And once users get familiar with WordPress, they can always buy their own domain and server site and install the full tweakable version. I think this is fabulous.

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