triSexuality Standard

triSexuality Standard is an unpersonalized version of the very layout that I use here, as a WordPress 1.5+ based theme. It is a non-standard 3-column design that follows the wide-thin-thin idea rather than the normal thin-wide-thin design that most layouts of this type use. The colors are easy on the eyes, attractive and a lot of fun.

Installation instructions and complete theme information are all available on the triSexuality Standard theme page. If anything is missing then please let me know and I will promptly correct it.

The theme has been tested on a variety of platforms as well as browsers and appears to work well across the board. Hopefully I have not missed anything but if I did then, again, please let me know.

I will do my best to address any questions, concerns or comments about the theme. Feel free to post constructive criticism about the theme itself. So long as it is a valid issue I will gladly listen and am, in fact, quite open to modifying things so that this becomes a really usable theme.

If you want it then go ahead and grab it.


One thought on “triSexuality Standard

  1. Hey Hey! Jark got a account, Cooool Beans.

    I would give it a try, but i don’t know what i could do with the link blog section. It’d be great if you could release a 2 column version of this theme, with only the “Respect” section intact. Actually, include a css file with that distribution, and let us alternate between using the lime color scheme, and the blue color scheme.

    It looks great though. Keep up the good work.

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